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the purple or black-and-blue area resulting from a bruise

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the escape of blood from ruptured blood vessels into the surrounding tissue to form a purple or black-and-blue spot on the skin

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A 16-year-old female patient was admitted to the paediatric clinics of TOBB ETU Hospital with a complaint of recurrent ecchymosis on both upper and lower extremities.
During hospitalization, conservative treatment was maintained, and the patient's vital signs were monitored; no signs of hemorrhagic shock emerged, and the area of ecchymosis did not progress.
Additionally, absence of ecchymosis, bleeding from gingiva or epistaxis helped in ruling out thrombocytopenia.
Other ophthalmic manifestations included retrobulbar haemorrhage, proptosis, increase IOP (Intraocular pressure), vitreous haemorrhage, retinal haemorrhage and periocular ecchymosis (table-III).
There was no palpable defect, ecchymosis, or erythema in the buttock or posterior thigh.
Double-Blind Comparison of Ultrasonic and Conventional Osteotomy in Terms of Early Postoperative Edema and Ecchymosis. Aesthet Surg J 2016; 36: 390-401.
Furthermore, prolonged edema, ecchymosis, and pain are not significant problems after the operation.
Findings that are detected during the application are usually abdominal pain, ecchymosis in the abdominal wall, mass in the abdomen, decrease in hemoglobin values, nausea, vomiting, peritoneal irritation, and fever (6).
Unreal thrombocytopenia must be doubted for patients who have thrombocytopenia but not petechia and ecchymosis. Even if this case may take place in the presence of huge blood platelets and their satellitosis, the most frequently seen factor is aggregation of thrombocyte (pseudothrombocytopenia).
Vitamin C supplements were administered with dramatic dissipation of ecchymosis and improvement of anemia (Figure 2).
On Tuesday, when she became restless and developed ecchymosis, she was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) for further treatment, the disease prevention agency said, adding, however, her condition worsened and she unfortunately passed away.
On physical exam, there was bilateral swelling of the wrists without ecchymosis or erythema.
The combination of topical Arnica montana and Rhododendron tomentosum in a gel pad has been shown to mitigate postoperative ecchymosis and edema after oculofacial surgery.
In March of 2016, the patient presented with ecchymosis around a lesion of the left chest wall (Figure 2).