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Synonyms for eccentricity

Synonyms for eccentricity

Antonyms for eccentricity

strange and unconventional behavior

(geometry) a ratio describing the shape of a conic section

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a circularity that has a different center or deviates from a circular path

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previous experiment did not prove the influence of eccentricity on cylindricity and surface roughness of reamed hole.
where [[theta].sub.0] is the overlap angle of stator and rotor, [F.sub.t] is tyre tangential force, [g.sub.m] is airgap length of SRM, [DELTA]g is the airgap eccentricity, and [theta]' is the angle between stator and wheel longitudinal axis.
Research on the relationship between eccentricity, pre-stress value and the fundamental frequency of beams
Various performance parameters have been plotted against eccentricity ratio ([epsilon]) for different pressure dam depth ratio ([[bar.D].sub.d]) and relief track depth ratio ([[bar.R].sub.d]).
Figure 4 illustrates the effect of journal eccentricity ratio on the dimensionless midplane pressure distribution at moderate inertia effects (i.e., moderate Reynolds number).
However, due to unsuitable assembling and manufacturing process, an inherent level of static and dynamic eccentricity tends to coexist.
where [F.sub.A] is the tangential force generated by rotor eccentricity, N.
Figures 3 to 6 show thermal patterns for Ta=23[degrees]C, E=0.48 x [10.sup.-3] gm/[cm.sup.2]min case I, eccentricity of breast core [d.sub.1]=0.0030 for the stages II, III, IV and V of breast development respectively.
8 shows the change in inductance, capacitance and wave resistance of the coaxial cable design with increasing eccentricity between conductive wire and insulation.
A new method is proposed in this article to find this outer film eccentricity ratio: firstly, calculate [DELTA][T.sub.i] and [DELTA][T.sub.o] without considering the floating ring heat transfer and find an outer film eccentricity ratio when [DELTA][T.sub.i] is equal to [DELTA][T.sub.o]; secondly, [DELTA][T.sub.i] is higher than [DELTA][T.sub.o] if increase the outer film eccentricity properly and [DELTA][T.sub.i] is lower than [DELTA][T.sub.o] if decrease the outer film eccentricity properly, then it can be considered that there is no heat transfer between the inner and outer film under this outer film eccentricity ratio.
Due to asymmetry, there will be eccentricity between the centre of mass (CM) and centre of rigidity (CR) and torsion is induced in the structure as inertia force acts through the centre of mass while the resistive force acts through the centre of rigidity.
The eccentricity v e of a vertex v in a connected graph G is the distance between v and a vertex farthest from v in G .
The solids conveying mechanism in the solids compaction zone of the vane extruder is confirmed to a great degree, and the effects of the eccentricity on the conveying mechanism are also discussed.
Nicholson, Catherine, Uncommon Tongues: Eloquence and Eccentricity in the English Renaissance, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013; cloth; pp.
At the age of 50, she has given up her lifelong career as a hairdresser to set up House of Eccentricity - a vintage clothes and gifts shop - at Holmfirth.