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Synonyms for contraction

Synonyms for contraction

(physiology) a shortening or tensing of a part or organ (especially of a muscle or muscle fiber)

the process or result of becoming smaller or pressed together

a word formed from two or more words by omitting or combining some sounds

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the act of decreasing (something) in size or volume or quantity or scope

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Eccentric Contractions. Under isoflurane anesthesia, rats were placed supine on a platform and their left foot was secured in a foot plate connected to a torque sensor (S-14154, Takei Scientific Instruments, Tokyo, Japan) at an angle of 0[degrees] dorsiflexion (i.e., 90[degrees] relative to the tibia).
A novel three-filament model of force generation in eccentric contraction of skeletal muscles.
We have previously introduced an orthotic device that provides variable stiffness at the knee joint to overcome the challenges of controlling eccentric contractions with stimulation [15].
Therefore, it can be concluded that caffeine consumption has a significant effect on changes in serum creatine kinase after eccentric contractions (Figure 1).
As an example, for eccentric contraction of the hamstrings, have the patient flex the knee approximately 90 [degrees].
[37] indicated that the movement in the conversion between concentric and eccentric contractions during exercise could reduce muscle fatigue; however, the conversion could cause damage to the muscles.
Exercise that includes eccentric contraction has recently attracted attention, as it may be more suitable for patients with chronic health conditions such as COPD (1517).
--the isotonic contraction, through which the tension remains approximately constant while the muscle length changes either in the sense of shortening -concentric contraction, or in the sense of elongation eccentric contraction. This type of contraction thus causes the movement of the segment.
As your partner drops the ball toward your chest, catch the ball (eccentric contraction) and immediately throw it back (concentric contraction).
(2017) Physiological mechanisms of eccentric contraction and its applications: A role for the giant titin protein, Frontiers in Physiology 8,1-14.
* Frick, who enunciated the concept of "concentric contraction" and "eccentric contraction", as expression of the "state of tension" of the execution muscularity;
For the break test, the examiner applies resistance sufficient to overcome the maximum effort of the person being tested and cause the subject's joint to move in the opposite direction, which results in an eccentric contraction [4].
Eccentric contraction, in which your muscles lengthen under loading, usually precedes a maximal effort, as when you cock a baseball bat the second before hitting the ball.
Our general guideline for movement speed stipulates a 1-2 second concentric contraction and a 3-4 second eccentric contraction.
There must be involved and driven the muscles which best chamfer the shock and reduce the forces of impact with the soil, during the landing, knowing that landing entails an eccentric contraction. Unless we work specifically, there occur accidents, as there appear greater pressures than the number of active fibers, which causes the elastic tissue of the tendon to undergo very powerful stress.