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Synonyms for eccentric

Synonyms for eccentric

Synonyms for eccentric

a person of a specified kind (usually with many eccentricities)

Related Words

conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual

not having a common center

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(4) evaluated the effects of 10 wks of eccentric training (n=12) versus 10 wks of concentric training (n=12) in young subjects.
And as to what could have caused the planet's eccentric orbit, we can only speculate, Kane added.
In this case, "eccentric" doesn't refer to a state of mind, but instead describes how elliptical a planet's orbit is around its star.
The difference in the way that eccentric viewing is approached as part of low vision provision was highlighted by the next two sessions.
Both frames (1 and 2) reach a relatively high stress in the monitored points, especially when forging is eccentric. In the following case, preloaded anchors reduce the high stress in the monitoring points.
The patients picked an envelope containing a paper allocating the patient to either an eccentric or a concentric training regimen.
Prophylactic and therapeutic nutritional interventions involving protein, protein hydrolysate, mixed amino acids, selective amino acids, and branched-chain amino acids have been demonstrated to be effective in reducing some or all of the symptoms of muscle damage following isolated eccentric muscle actions [16,17,18], resistance exercise [19], downhill running [20], and endurance exercise [21].
The eccentric distance sum (EDS) of G is defined as
In [5], Ghorbani and Malekjani computed the eccentric connectivity index and the connective eccentric index of an infinite family of fullerenes.
A recent study showed that eccentric exercise plays an important role in TLR4-induced NF-[kappa]B activation through both the myeloid differentiation factor 88- (MyD88-) dependent and independent pathways in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) of young men [6].
The new TG Series spider bearing cones provide nominal maximum feed sizes and applied power similar to current Terex cone offerings, but the numerous eccentric throw options and liner configurations allow for increased application versatility.
Scorsese's unconventional work shows Dylan in a playful mood, donning masks and bringing an eccentric charisma to the stage with collaborators.
Years ago we had many eccentrics in our town, not criminals, who preferred a different way of life.
Of course it wasn't going to be any old gin but a fine Welsh gin from the great chaps at ECCENTRIC.