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a change that occurs in degenerative joint disease in which bone is converted into a dense smooth substance resembling ivory

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The analysis of the pathology specimen showed an irregular articular surface with progressive thinning of the cartilage and eburnation of the underlying bone which is consistent with osteoarthritis.
4,5 As the eburnation and joint wear increases, trapezial excision is done with or without ligament reconstruction.
The radiographs will reveal rounding off and sclerosis of bone ends called eburnation.
Schwartz and Leveille in two studies showed that high vitamin C (which would correspond to vitamin C in humans of at least 500 mg/ day) is helpful in preventing cartilage fibrillation, structural changes in the joint and eburnation in guinea pigs (36).
MRI findings include a direct bony connection or (in the case of nonosseous coalition) irregularity and eburnation of the articulating surfaces and visualization of low-signal fibrous bridging.
Gross changes of the joint surface, such as pitting, eburnation, and marginal lipping, are commonly used to identify and characterize joint degeneration in skeletal populations.
Morphologic investigations of patients with otosclerosis have shown that an inflammatory process occurs in the temporal bone, and that it has three distinct stages: bone resorption, new bone formation, and final eburnation of the affected bone.