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without bracts

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An example is the inflorescence of Gleditsia triacanthos, a system of racemes except that it is terminated by an ebracteate flower, as in a cyme.
Indument of lower pubescent glabrous surface of leaf blade Number of nine to eleven twelve secondary veins Flower arrangement sparsely arranged sparsely arranged Peduncle bracteate ebracteate Length of ca.
Inflorescence pendulous, 40-70 x 10-15 cm with 12 to 30 branches; primary bracts like the upper scape bracts but without the long blade, mostly apiculate, mostly shorter than the peduncles, grey-green to pink; branches spreading at ca 30[degrees] from the axis with an ebracteate 3-7 cm x 2-4 mm flattened peduncle that exceeds nearly all of the primary bracts; the fertile portion 4-8 x 1-2 cm, 4 to 10 flowered; floral bracts elliptic, acute, 20-26 x 8-10 mm nerved, variably carinate, tightly imbricate in life, spreading when dried, glabrous except for a few pale fimbriate trichomes at the very apex, bright magenta pink, somewhat glaucose.
Flower erect to pendulous, arising on a ebracteate stalk directly from the leaf rosette (monochasium with condensed internodes), rarely subsessile or pedicel (2-) 3-10 (-20) cm long during anthesis, pentamerous.
usually ebracteate or seldom with a single bract), and by the narrowly ovate petals (vs.