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tropical tree of southern Asia having hard dark-colored heartwood used in cabinetwork

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In 1995 Thompson won two literary awards--the International Black Writers Association Award (IBWA) for "The Rainbow," and the PEN Award for another short story, "The Ebony Tree.
Shaded by resurgent ebony trees, once-threatened creatures, including the pink pigeon and Telfair's skink, are flourishing, and tourists can now go to the island to catch a glimpse of them.
The area was a successional stage of tropical deciduous forest where dominant species were ebony trees Pithecellobium ebano, cherimoya trees A.
A decree issued by the Ravalomanana government in January permitted select companies to temporarily export stocks of rare rosewood and ebony trees that had been felled by a cyclone.
The habitat houses trees from the region, such as mezquites, ebony trees, white stick and huisaches, as well as animals such as magpies, pigeons, swallows, butterflies, hummingbirds, turtles, skunks and opossums.
More than halfway to acquiring its congressionally mandated goal of 132,500 acres, the refuge is intended as the core of a wildlife corridor that will support some of the rarest species in the world, including the endangered ocelot and jaguarundi, red-crowned parrot and chachalaca, Texas ebony trees, and Indigo snakes.
There are approximately 300 species of ebony trees and shrubs around the world.