ebb away

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flow back or recede

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Winslet, who has appeared naked in a number of films including 'The Reader', feels that as the years go by, the pull to appear in the buff may ebb away. (ANI)
Channel 4 News reported that the Icelandic Central Bank approached the Bank of England in March for assistance to support its currency as confidence in its heavily-indebted banking began to ebb away.
But while Bromborough's Waring will have been delighted with a final day 66 that catapulted him forward from 43rd overnight to a share of 17th, Slattery will have been disappointed to see his chances of a top 10 finish ebb away.
Working with a metaphor from Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, they explain, "Sometimes we don't need to merely 'sharpen' the saw; we need to throw it out and pick up a power tool." Sharpen all you want: you may not cut it in today's environment, where the creative win and the rest ebb away. The authors provide examples of people who have done a good job at transformation and provide insights as to how one can apply this to their own life.
As we have found out far too often, terror and human misery generally will not ebb away on their own or stay neatly within borders if we look at them as someone elses problem.
But Fitton definitely has the game and there have been just a few signs that the competitive juices might be starting to ebb away from Old Stoneface.
I cried at Scott and Charlene's wedding and even blub when a dog gets put down on Animal Hospital so I should have been ready for the death of ER's Dr Greene (S4C Wednesday) But nothing quite prepared for the lump-in-the-throat sobbing as I watched the cancer-stricken doc's life finally ebb away.
Trouble is, Sarah demands a luxury hotel room, 24 hours a day chauffeur, room service, clothes and food whenever she wants - but it seems to do the trick, and our hero's troubles ebb away.
He and wife Anne-Marie comforted Sandra and Derek Pirie by the bedside of their only child, Kiana, as they watched her life ebb away.
"By not being able to watch their team play in Coventry their interest may well ebb away and we will lose a generation of supporters for ever.
The former Wales midfielder (above) said: "It was absolutely horrendous to watch my dad's life ebb away.
A sea of tears and endless grief would simply ebb away, if only we could celebrate with you your special birthday today.
The Oscar-winning actress, who has appeared naked in a number of films including 'The Reader', feels that as the years go by, the pull to appear in the buff may ebb away.
We all take life for granted as we go about our day You can be seconds from disaster your life could ebb away If this should happen to you, it could do you don't know There is a place of excellence it's at the Walton Neuro.