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strong coarse brandy

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When distilling for the Eaux de Vie, however, Swedish Hill only utilizes cuts of the hearts.
Once the spirits are selected for the Eaux de Vie, they will be held for a minimum of a month to make sure everything is stable, and then bottled without any filtration.
The Raspberry Infusion and the Eaux de Vie constitute about 20% of Swedish Hill's distilled spirits.
Nobody-- well, almost nobody-- can understand the inner mysteries of the casks or their relationship with the eaux de vie. It is only once it has undergone a century of ageing and been blended with over 1,200 eaux de vie that it is worthy of being labelled Louis XIII, one of the finest cognacs in the world.
India is a firework of senses and has a rich history and tradition, much like Louis XIII." Trichet, who is responsible for selecting eaux de vie and watching over them as they age to see which ones have a special gift, walks us through the tasting notes that define this creation.
Some of the oldest of the lot, containing eaux de vie that would later be sold as Louis XIII in elegant crystal carafes, are covered with thick cobwebs.
That indicate the age of the youngest eaux de vie used in the blend: V.S.
(California liquor laws prevent sampling, though you may be allowed an informal tour of the premises; Oregon does allow tasting.) If you can't make the trip, look for eaux de vie in well-stocked liquor stores, or call the distillery to find a source.
From brand names to independent bottlings of malt, to a second tasting hall reserved for Cognacs, California brandies, eaux de vie, grappas, aged rums and tequilas, this year's WOW has expanded.
After working with Jorge Rupf, Randall Grahm at Bonny Doon Vineyards in Santa Cruz has gone full tilt into distilling with a brandy, several grappas, eaux de vie and marcs.
Rupf feels in the long run that his eaux de vie has a better shot at performing well than grappa.
Now on its 14th year, the Grand Wine Experience promises to surpass its previous feats with its latest edition, "The Angel's Share." There is a mystique that surrounds the aging of wine or any other eaux de vie in oak barrels.