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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Feb 12 ( ANI ): Bombay High court on Monday reprimanded Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) lawyer and sought an explanation on "if terrace was illegally occupied, how you could give a license to operate even an eating house at the premises?
Iranians go to new shopping malls, where branches of foreign restaurants are found, offering different dishes, and more important, high-level services, Farzad Dusten, owner of an Italian eating house in Tehran told KUNA.
Mr Walton - who has worked at some of the leading venues in London's Soho, including The Social Eating House, Dehesa and Nopi, with top-rated chefs like Jason Atherton, Rowleigh Leigh and Yotam Ottolenghi - said: "I have wanted to open my own restaurant since I first started working in the food industry.
After my first stop at the Roman baths, I meandered around cobbled lanes to the world famous Sally Lunn's Historic Eating House, dating from 1482.
She said: "We want to put the reputation of the pub back on track and go back to being a music and eating house with 2.
IT'S National Cocktail Week next week (October 7-13) and to celebrate, Tabasco Pepper Sauce has teamed up with this year's 'hottest' mixologist and winner of The Tabasco British Bloody Mary Challenge, Gareth Evans, pictured top, of London's Social Eating House, to create a twist on the classic Bloody Mary.
First-time airport concession 3rd Bar Oyster & Eating House is the creation of Houston native and celebrated chef Bryan Caswell and noted food and beverage director Bill Floyd.
But the Anglican minister, no stranger to the Victorian eating house, was getting past a joke.
At the lowest level of the sacrificial hierarchy were the commoner men's eating houses (hale mua) set in a domestic compound that also included an eating house for women and children, a sleeping house for men and women and a women's bark-cloth making house.
In Thailand, there are people who believe eating house lizards will treat various health problems.
For me when an eating house boasts that it is a grill I expect tasty, chargrilled steaks bursting with flavour.
Fried shows that the improvements Harvey made to the railway eating house experience were immensely successful, and he covers the amazing expansion of Harvey's company, which, by the time he died in 1901, was serving travelers in all the eating houses along the Santa Fe line, from the Midwest to California.
Now a rather expensive eating house - the pork pie is good, but ought to be at pounds 7.
THE draw for the last 16 of the Foster's Scottish Amateur Cup is to be held tonight in Carrigans Eating House, Hamilton.
FROM a safe haven on the outside of the Rubbing House pub on Epsom racecourse, lest diners at this fine eating house should be alarmed by his presence, the Fly on the Wall spotted Simon Dow, vice-chairman of the local trainers' association, and Martin Densham, of Sunderlands bookmakers fame, deep in conversation.