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Night eating syndrome is characterized not only by eating at night certainly many college students might have a late night study fest with eating but it's also characterized by other things, like feeling that you can't eat in the morning, and feeling like you have to eat in order to go back to sleep," Dr.
And though Pollan opposes the ways industrial eaters treat, slaughter, and eat animals, he believes eating meat is a moral option (for which he offers an interesting evolutionary argument).
Surveys suggest that we're eating more in ounces, in calories, and in calories per ounce (calorie density).
Stadd recommends eating full-fat organic yogurts--but eating less of them, since flavor lost when fat is removed is often made up for in added sugars.
Their stories are eye-opening for anyone who believes an eating disorder is the result of ignorance, defiant behavior or both.
According to Abigail Natenshon, a psychotherapist and one of the nation's leading eating disorder experts, an estimated 80,000-320,000 gay men in the United States suffer from eating disorders, with over 50% of them under the age of 25.
If you are eating on the run, grab a couple of pieces on your way out the door.
Cole notes that people have been eating fish and curries safely for centuries.
Doctors say that these people have eating disorders.
Given the many choices of where and what to eat, Americans could avoid eating the same meal twice in any given year.
Still more evidence indicates that eating fish contributes to bone health too.
Diphyllobothriasis is an intestinal parasitosis acquired by eating raw or partially cooked fish containing Diphyllobothrium spp.
The hottest new recommendations for eating healthier are, in fact, nothing new.
I realize that I couldn't begin to imagine myself eating meat.