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become ground down or deteriorate

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In other words, the risk is lower in people who eat at least that much.
Eat at least five fruits of vegetables per day, plus whole grains (like bran, for instance, which you can get from eating certain breads or cereals).
I eat at my desk,'' says Rita McGuire, human resources manager at Catalina Express in San Pedro, ``or I do 20,000 errands.
When I eat at fast-food restaurants, I now make healthier choices.
How many times per week do you eat at a fast-food restaurant?
Nearly three in four shoppers (71%) believe the food they eat at home is healthier than meals consumed out.
I'm very good at work," said Ripert, who tries not to eat at the restaurant.
Some want to stay on their eating plan, while others celebrate a special occasion by ordering something they don't typically eat at home.
We chose to feature Eat at Joe's on World Business Review because of its demonstrated innovativeness in combining the nostalgia of theme restaurants and the value of fast food dining," says Adam Dubner, the show's Executive Vice President of Programming.