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being without worry or concern

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He who through a natural mildness and easygoingness should despise injuries received would do a very fine and praiseworthy thing; but he who, outraged and stung to the quick by an injury, should arm himself with the arms of reason against this furious appetite for vengeance, and after a great conflict should finally master it, would without doubt do much more.
Yet to recognise relativism and easygoingness as a danger one must be in a position to take objects of aspiration seriously.
Regardless of the reservations of the sides opposing Mahmoud Abbas's track and policy, no one can claim his easygoingness with the Palestinian rights, while the indications of some of them to an alternative of the Arab peace initiative only fall in the context of generalizing vacuum.
The confrontation between the two-head government and the military institution was prolonged, and the nationalists accuse the army of easygoingness with Erdogan, Gul and their party.
If the "old" American lesson in Iraq stirs up the doubts of its neighbors over the implicit motives to overlook the expansion of the Iranian hegemony in Mesopotamia, then the new lesson under Obama is that any easygoingness with Tehran when addressing its nuclear file amplifies the Arab Gulf doubts.