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Rather, it has had an easy-going, live-and-let-live organising principle.
THIS easy-going crossbreed is looking for a retirement home.
"I'm from Adelaide where it's very easy-going so going to these places is quite an experience.
His easy-going manner has gone down a treat and I wish his stay on the morning show could be extended.
"You have to train with the best and the guys are really humble and easy-going. You're there to train, eat and sleep."
His alter ego is not quite as easy-going - a problem exacerbated when he falls in love and the two sides of his personality become rivals.
He is such an easy-going horse, he has a wonderful temperament, and that is what has helped him along the way.
THE FAMILY of a Coventry grandad who was killed while riding one of his beloved motorbikes has hailed him as "funny, easy-going and friendly." Terry Toland, who was from the Foleshill area, died at the scene after his Suzuki machine was in collision with a white Citroen Xsara car at the junction of Withybrook Road and Coventry Road, outside Wolvey, near Bulkington.
The Caerphilly/Blaenau Gwent Adult Social League provides a structured base, while maintaining an easy-going and relaxed atmosphere.
His easy-going attitude and sense of humor combined with a warm demeanor makes it difficult not to crack a smile in his presence.
Grady will best be remembered for his pleasant, easy-going nature that always had the effect of putting those around him at ease.
Maki's mild, easy-going personality fosters a laid-back atmosphere where the staff can focus on making high-quality puzzles for worldwide Sudoku buffs rather than worry about sales targets.
They blame immigration policies as being too easy-going. However, all of these young people were either born in Canada or grew up here.