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I'm more relaxed to play and for me it gives me a better result when you play for a coach like that who is easy-going and doesn't put a lot of pressure but you have to do your job.
Tommy Goyen may seem like an average 16-year-old: a high school junior, lives on a farm, easy-going personality.
The band, which includes two part-timers on guitar and keyboards, has an easy-going soft-shoe pop sound, not unlike much of the Promise Ring's more recent material.
The Clintons seem to have the perennial power to enrage even the most easy-going Republicans, like this guy, who attributes a Biblical darkness to them and told me they will sabotage Kerry's campaign to set Hillary up for a run in 2008.
Brand manager Gareth Brown said: "Shaggy is a great face for Malibu because he's easy-going and fun, just like the brand.
I'm generally an easy-going type (so my friends say), but my blood is really aboil.
95), Dietrich focuses on his strength through a series of easy-going natural history essays devoted to the living things--from jellyfish and lichens to cedars and orcas--that have worked together to make Washington and Oregon unique.
School board member James Mejia credits Wartgow's easy-going, yet outcome-oriented, pursuit of these goals as the reason for his success.
The 50g sausages are packed six to a box in Goodlife's new packaging that has been designed to appeal to the modern easy-going consumer.
Why does easy-going Officer Jones receive a citizen's complaint for rudeness while, on the same night, safety-conscious Officer Smith backs into a parked car?
Perhaps it's his easy-going manner and seeming openness in conversation.
His decisiveness and dedication to quality were accompanied by the easy-going, friendly manner of a Southern gentleman, which the Tennessee-born Mr.
Renee is a hard-working, easy-going professional who we can count on to respond to anything at a moment's notice," said Lori Barber, Multi Service Aviation sales manager.
London, July 5 (ANI): Scientists studying postings on Twitter have put together a list of least easy-going celebrities on the popular microblogging website.
He was easy-going and above all else, he had a big heart.