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an inhabitant of an eastern area

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Nearly half of North Easterners surveyed said that they will only do so when they have extreme experiences such as getting breathless when climbing stairs or walking (48%), feeling their heart racing (39%) or having a major heart health scare (35%).
A statement on the Easterner's Web site said: "Effective today, July 22, 2009 we have suspended publication of the Loudoun Easterner.
If Middle Easterners had drawn the borders themselves, Iraq wouldn't even exist.
A sharp left to the body dropped Temple for eight early in the sixth round, and a cracking right to the head floored the north easterner for another count of eight towards the end of the round.
An Easterner is a worker who was born in Asia or Africa (excluding South Africa and Israel), or if he is Israeli born and his father was born in Asia or Africa.
As the story opens, three visitors find shelter from a blizzard at Pat Scully's hotel in Fort Romper, Neb.: a nervous New Yorker known as the Swede, a rambunctious Westerner named Bill, and a reserved Easterner called Mr.
THE AVERAGE NORTH EASTERNER HEADING OFF FOR A WEEK'S HOLIDAY TAKES THE FOLLOWING: | Six pairs of socks | Seven T-shirts | Four pairs of shorts | Two pairs of sandals | Two towels | Eight pairs of underwear | Two swimsuits | Two bottles of sun cream | Two pairs of trainers or shoes | One jumper | One pair of sunglasses | One hat The survey, from Nationwide FlexPlus, also found that many people from the region like to have their home comforts on their trip, with around one in 10 (9%) taking tea bags with them to their destination.
An Easterner, in contrast, will largely avoid the eyes (hence the lack of eye contact) and take in information from a wider area below the eyes and around the nose.
This photo contains elements that I have looked for in a picture for years and indeed have tried to capture myself -a moonlight view, with the added attraction of reflected light, and of course Whitby has to be a North Easterner''s dream of a subject!
In it, a Far Easterner, a Japanese or a Chinese, is a passenger on the night train from Lisbon to Madrid.
intoxicating to an Easterner. I long to make walls that have openings for the glorious light to flood through, casting crisp, delicious shadows.
We read that she was a comfortable middle class liberal, an Easterner, a feminist, a journalist, a New Yorker at heart.
VARNISH IT OUT TRAVELLING on the Metro during rush-hour can be painful for even most resilient North Easterner. Make sure you are first on the train by standing on the platform 'lift' signs.
There are few scholars to whom the term suggests a process by which an Easterner might utterly misconceive the West and its citizens, much less do them an injustice.
"And where's the money to be made bringing in a pound of marijuana or one Middle Easterner who'll pay $25,000?"