ease off

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  • verb

Synonyms for ease off

become less intense

reduce pressure or intensity

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Umar said the IMF package would ease off pressure from the country's foreign reserves.
Tony said their mum Julie, who died aged 89 in 2015, "always worried about his health and desperately tried to get him to ease off ".
SYED FARHAN KARIM: Business activities in year 2018 will remain strong as power shortage in the country is expected to ease off amid commencement of different CPEC/Non-CPEC power projects.
"Current forecasts suggest the rain will ease off later this evening but we're continuing to closely monitor forecasts and river levels and will issue more alerts and warnings if necessary through today."
"We will not ease off in Serie A until we have mathematically won the Scudetto."
The first leg demonstrated a huge gap in class between the sides and PSG, boosted by fit-again striker Edinson Cavani, are unlikely to ease off.
I was just hoping the rain would ease off before dashing back to discover my in-car scales would weigh in a substantial PS1.10 cone of chips at 450g.
But, the Indian government could reduce imports to 180,000 190,000 bpd if the bans do not ease off fast.
The rain is expected to ease off today, but a cold spell could turn soaked roads and pavements to ice.
THE severe wind and rain is set to ease off in coming days.
It is forecast to ease off today though heavy rain could return to parts of Wales tomorrow.
"They thought we might ease off a bit but here we are again.
The inflation pressures are easing ease off too and according to Governor Bogov, expectations are that by the end of the year, the inflation rate would drop to 4.5 percent.
So, ease off the hydraulic loading valve when using it!
"I noticed something was wrong with the bike, it started to judder going into corners on the brakes so I had to ease off a bit to try and stop it happening.