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Synonyms for earthshaking

loud enough to shake the very earth

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sufficiently significant to affect the whole world

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Earthshaking Strike will tear the ground open to bring a shockwave that batters enemies on its path.
A senior Israeli official, who did not wish to be identified, described the ban as "dramatic and earthshaking," telling Hretz newspaper that it was the first time such official and unequivocal instructions had been issued by the European Union.
Bergdorf's is the nexus of so many themes in modern life, things which are not earthshaking the way Syria and the economy are earthshaking, but which occupy far more space in our brains.
The rebel Free Syrian Army, which claimed responsibility for the killing of the Hezbollah commander, vowed what it called an "earthshaking response" against Hezbollah fighters for helping the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Summary: Algeria is aware that a border closure with the neighboring Morocco is no longer a wise choice in the light of the earthshaking metamorphose that swept the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and led to the fall of ozymandias like potentates in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, respectively.
During this same election, voters also approved the initiative, referendum, and recall amendments, making the 1911 election the most earthshaking in California history.
These weapons range from the literally earthshaking (atomic weapons and ground-penetrating munitions) to the figuratively earth-shaking (radar and the making and breaking of codes).
"You would need something truly earthshaking, an eruption that dumped a lot of gases into the atmosphere," said Smithsonian astronomer Lisa Kaltenegger.
Specifically, he made the following earthshaking recommendations:
From Liston's tragic early death, to Foreman's incredible rise to glory, Holmes' earthshaking defeat, and much more, Muhammad Ali and the Greatest Heavyweight Generation brings sports legends to life.
Some of the announcements were, of course, somewhat less than earthshaking. Weren't there debates about rail electrification as the next step back in the 1940s?
In what could be an earthshaking shift by the major powers, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said Monday the Group of Eight (G8) wealthy powers will probably impose new sanctions on Iran when they meet in Italy next week.
Leo Tilman, who heads his own strategic advisory firm, has clearly thought long and hard about the earthshaking changes in the financial world, and what a more optimal business model might be.
An earthshaking betrayal unfolds, with the unfortunate Sakura caught in the middle.
The Earthshaking Earthquake Mystery is an exciting chapter book for young adults that blends wacky adventure with an introduction to amazing science.