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Synonyms for earthbound

Synonyms for earthbound

confined to the earth

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lacking wit or imagination

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Earthbound Farm is a fast-growing company in the fast-paced world of perishable produce," said Anneke Leigh, Earthbound Farm's director of IT business applications and development.
A trio of Johns Hopkins researchers is now trying out earthbound experiments that may fly on future shuttle missions.
The V-2 Earthbound being produced has already eliminated all wood and wood by-products.
CONTACT: Courtney Caldwell for Earthbound Express, Inc.
campaign brings together leading companies and brands in the organic industry including Earthbound Farm, The Hain Celestial Group, Horizon Organic, Nature's Path Foods, R.
Preliminary measurements of the intensity of this light indicate that the disk has a tilt of perhaps 45' relative to the line of sight of Earthbound observers, King says.
Other event sponsors include: Texas Roadhouse Restaurants, Whole Foods Market, Organic Valley, Allegro Coffee, Earthbound Farm, Snyder's of Hanover, and Natural Touch.
Growing food organically-practicing sustainable agriculture that respects the delicate balance of ecosystems-is business as usual for Earthbound Farm(R), North America's largest grower of organic produce.
Earthbound studies of the cardiovascular system are complicated by gravity, which exerts different pressures depending on whether a person is standing up or sitting down, says Lane.
Approximately 12,000 athletes will receive the T-shirts, made possible due to the sponsorships of Earthbound Farm(R) and Patagonia.
When looking at the healthy heads of lettuce growing in the NFT system, you begin to understand the importance of building a fluffy, well-aerated bed of soil for your vegetables if you are still earthbound in your horticultural pursuits.
They call the station "essential" for studies of life sciences, "for there is simply no Earthbound substitute.
To achieve this goal she embraces a variety of contradictory tendencies -- her art is sophisticated and childlike, earthbound and heavenly, comic and grave, and ordinary and heroic.
Bank worked at JPL in Pasadena as a mechanical systems engineer, from 1947 to 1984, but he always wanted to turn his skills from space to more earthbound problems.
the programs provide each craft with operating instructions to help keep their Earthbound messages clear as the Voyagers approach and perhaps even travel beyond the heliopause -- the yet-undetected outer boundary of the sun's vast magnetic field.