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electro-acoustic transducer for converting electric signals into sounds

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According to reports Benson had an earpiece on while crossing the train track before getting crushed by the speeding train.
It is a high-pitched crackle like an audio pop that happens in the earpiece top speaker intermittently during calls.
The best feature of the headset is its minimalist design; there are no long wires or large earpieces to be concerned about.
Within a minute or two, the right earpiece would work its way out of my ear.
With the molded earpieces in properly, the noise attenuation is absolutely wonderful.
A large part of Assembly business is conducted in Welsh, so Cardiff-based ear product specialists Minerva Laboratories were invited to create customised earpieces for non- Welsh speaking members, at a cost of about pounds 75 each.
Well, here's a new technology that might just do the trick for you and that too without causing any bodily harm- earpieces that convert a person's voice into a text message.
Show bosses released a statement regarding the role of Dictionary Corner regular Susie Dent at the weekend after the use of earpieces was revealed by a Sunday newspaper.
Not only are cattle being outfitted with tracking devices, but now they are being given earpieces that receive wireless commands to control their movements across a landscape.
In Championship cricket they wouldn't think of putting earpieces in, so the fun element might alter a little bit.
When it comes to earpieces, the "in-ear" type is usually better than the "over-ear" devices for sound quality.
There are no wires or earpieces on the players to distract them.
I'm sure they're not sitting there adorned with Bose noise-reduction earpieces.
are replacing their bulky, noise-canceling headsets with lightweight, custom-molded earpieces.
Glasgow firm Baillieston Telecom supplied us with earpieces that connect to phones by wire, a kit that plugs into a car cigarette lighter and even a device you can connect to your car radio.