earned run average

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(baseball) a measure of a pitcher's effectiveness

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By comparing the battery's ERA to the catcher's earned run average [CERA], the top ten list has a complete turnover [See Table 2].
A couple of other relievers saw their earned run averages climb with less than stellar outings.
12 earned run average while serving as Oregon's starter in the first game of a series, and has already established UO season records for wins and innings pitched (110 1/3).
76 earned run average to break the Hart High of Newhall record for lowest ERA in a season.
The trio combined to post a team earned run average of 1.
He did get a taste of the majors three years ago at Arizona, but his earned run average for his 5 1/3 innings work there was a little too high - 11.
Kelly finished first in the Can-Am in earned run average and strikeouts and second in innings pitched.
Berry leads the Mustangs in most statistical categories, including innings pitched (80 1/3), strikeouts (74), earned run average (2.
After 23 starts covering 140-1/3 innings, Beckett had an earned run average of 5.
98 earned run average and has limited opposing hitters to just a .
22 earned run average at Single-A Modesto in the California League in 1999.
00 earned run average is a novelty in the California League.