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either of a pair of ear coverings (usually connected by a headband) that are worn to keep the ears warm in cold weather

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Among the hearing protectors included in these studies there are 2 similar models of level-dependent earmuffs, however with different earmuff cup dimensions.
The composite ear cups were geometrically designed with high resemblance to the ear cups of a commercial earmuff (3 M[TM] Peltor[TM] Optime[TM] I H510F).
SAFARILAND ELECTRONIC HEARING PROTECTION is a highly durable earmuff set with low distortion speaker technology.
With regard to mean differences of motor responses in each group in various time points, LSD post hoc showed a significant difference between times before and after intervention both in the morning and in the afternoon, before and immediately after the intervention, and before and one hour after intervention in earmuff group.
Clark, of the David Clark Company, used "Mickey Mouse" earmuffs in the original cranial-helmet system.
Leight also offers a line of earmuffs and earplugs for shooters.
As the pattern of Justice Department collusion with civil-rights lobbies was repeated across the country, voters were presented with new, often incomprehensible political districts in such states as Louisiana, Texas, Maryland, Illinois (home of the "earmuff" majority-Hispanic district), and Virginia, where Gov.
"We put a better electronic earmuff into someone's hands and talk about its benefits.
The 3M Peltor Optime II Food Earmuff has been developed using a special foam and headband cushion design.
"Everyone's ears are different," she said, "and one earplug or earmuff style may not be comfortable for the entire workforce.
Bilsom[R] has upgraded the AM and FM capability on its radio and Electo[R] earmuff lines in an effort to enhance worker satisfaction.
A controlled human factors laboratory experiment was designed to answer the question of whether an ANR earmuff provides advantages over standard passive HPDs in noise spectra that are best attenuated by the ANR active electronics (i.e., low-frequency-biased noise).
On the electronic model, each earmuff has its own adjustable volume control.