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Synonyms for earmark

Synonyms for earmark

to set aside or apart for a specified purpose

Synonyms for earmark

identification mark on the ear of a domestic animal

Related Words

a distinctive characteristic or attribute

give or assign a resource to a particular person or cause

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Greater transparency in earmarking practices would send the message that Congress is at least trying to spend our money responsibly.
Pork-barrel spending has been around as long as Congress itself, but over the last ten years or so the practice of earmarking has skyrocketed to a truly unprecedented level.
The benefits of the earmarking process were clearly apparent in the most recent appropriations bill to emerge from Congress.
Earmarking funds is perfectly acceptable to UNICEF, which then can divert funds originally earmarked for the project to more general purposes.
Her goals are to set aside money in another tax-efficient retirement plan (she currently contributes the maximum allowed to her 401(k) at $10,500 a year) and to get an early start earmarking money for her son.
The most illuminating chapter for this reader describes the emergence of lobbying firms that specialize in academic earmarking and their diffusion of this innovation from client to client.
Salmon, who supports devolution of spending authority to the states, and GOP sophomore Mark Neumann, who says of earmarking, "Don't do it, but if you do, just be fair to Wisconsin.
The forces of modernization here developed their own forms of earmarking - gift certificates, Christmas clubs, and money orders - to facilitate this transition.
It further predicts that the Republican takeover of the House and Senate after the 1994 congressional elections could lead to a resurgence of earmarking, in a different form, as long as the Democrats control the White House.
Rosenzweig, AAU president, admits that the AAU can't force compliance with the moratorium on congressional earmarking.
has proposed a return to earmarking, reads in part:
Waxman is among the few Democrats who agreed earmarking has gone too far.
If he holds to that threat, the political logrolling that feeds earmarking excesses will have to be drastically curtailed.