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Synonyms for earmark

Synonyms for earmark

to set aside or apart for a specified purpose

Synonyms for earmark

identification mark on the ear of a domestic animal

Related Words

a distinctive characteristic or attribute

give or assign a resource to a particular person or cause

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An earmark is a simple thing: It's just a sentence in a spending bill that directs money to a specific project at the request of a member of Congress.
Then Rule XXIII, the House Code of Official Conduct, says that legislators who request any of these suspect provisions must "provide a written statement to the chair and ranking minority member of the committee of jurisdiction" (10) stating their names; "in the case of a congressional earmark, the name and address of the intended recipient or, if there is no specifically intended recipient, the intended location of the activity" (11); the purpose of the provision; and "a certification that the Member, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner or spouse has no financial interest in such congressional earmark or limited tax or tariff benefit.
When I worked there, every time his office secured funding for any project, great or small, by way of the earmark process, he posted it to his site for anyone and everyone to see, thus ensuring that no wrongdoing could occur: all the numbers and recipients were out in the broad light of day.
His state of Kentucky received $53 per capita in fiscal 2010, placing it in the mid-ranks of earmark winners.
Levinthal says Texans get about $17 each in earmark spending compared with $318 per resident of Hawaii.
presidential earmark, and others) vary considerably and are
4 million earmark last year for the Greentree Group of Beavercreek, Ohio, for a digital information sharing system.
The earmark was awarded despite language on the organization's Web site listing its objective as "assist[ing] teens and adults in gaining freedom from chemical addiction by applying biblical principles and establishing a chemical free lifestyle, enhancing social skills, improving work habits building supportive relationships and growing in personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Congress again wants to earmark some of its education funds to members' pet projects, a commitment to pork-barrel spending that has led to a presidential veto as well as calls for more equitable treatment for minority-serving institutions.
The group has long challenged Darwinian theories explaining the origins of life, and the earmark was seen by some as an attempt to inject Christian religious doctrine into the classroom.
It offers grantees an optional two-hour workshop to earmark recipients on how to manage grants.
But now that Democrats are in charge and control the earmark process, Republicans aggressively are seeking to turn the tables on them, attacking the earmarks in their bills.
He'd earmark billions to establish a "Manhattan Project to Find a Cure," named after and based on the United States' successful program to develop atomic weapons in the 1940s.
Trent Lott (R-MS), requires that any earmark attached to a bill in a conference report after the legislation has already passed the chamber will be subject to a point of order.