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of plants that bloom during the spring

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A very early-flowering variety is S mistschenkoana, which has pale blue flowers with a tiny, deeper blue stripe down each petal, set against miniature foliage, in February and March.
It is an ideal choice for mixing with other spring favourites such as muscari, daffodils, early-flowering alliums and fritillaria.
Protect the blossom of early-flowering apricots, peaches and nectarines from frost damage by covering plants with fleece.
PROTECT early-flowering winter bulbous irises by covering them with a cloche.
Give early-flowering perennials such as pulmonaria and brunnera a haircut, cutting off the foliage close to the ground.
HEATHER (ERICA) EARLY-flowering, low-growing evergreen heathers in shades of white and deep pink are a joy to behold at this time of year, creating a carpet of colour in rock gardens or even their own beds.
In addition, we engineered Burbank's stoneless variety with an early-flowering trait that will greatly speed up the breeding program.
Red Riding Hood: Early-flowering, bright-red, small at 8ins, with patterned leaves.
An early-flowering, strong-stemmed in eye-catching apricot pink, with wavy-edged leaves Ballade A unique bluish purple with a smart white outline to sinuous petals Bright Gem Free-flowering, small and with cream flowers delicately flushed with pink Fusilier A showy, multi-headed, brilliant red cultivar which is early flowering Maureen Tall, late-flowering and marble white Purissima AGM Early-flowering, white and fragrant Red Riding Hood Late-flowering, small, bright red, with patterned leaves Show-winner Very early-flowering, small, glossy deep red Vivex Tall, long-lasting in flower and with orange/gold petals White Triumphator Pure white with gracefully pointed petals
These are a very early-flowering yellow trumpet daffodil with an enormous cup.
Snip off faded flower heads from early-flowering bulbs and daffodils unless the seeds are needed.
early-flowering habit is often associated with day-length insensitivity (Arumingtyas and Muffet, 1994; Erskine et al.
CHOPS AWAY: It's best to prune when plants are dormant but with early-flowering shrubs, prune when flowering has finished so the shrub has time for the new growth on which next year's flowers will form.
David Smith, via email ATHERE are quite a few early-flowering snowdrops, although it is those flowering now that most of us know and love.
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