early warning radar

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a radar that is part of an early warning system

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When UAVs formation arrives in the target zone and finds the early warning radar threat or air defense radar threat, the cooperative interference penetration should be mainly taken.
BASE: Radar station at Fylingdales, N Yorks; AGAINST: Kate Hudson; HOW IT WORKS; 1 Missile is launched; 2 It is detected by a radar the moment it clears cloud cover or by infra-red detectors before it clears clouds; 3 Radar systems; 4 The flight path is plotted and the information sent to the ground based interceptor; 5 Missile fired to intercept; Space-based radar Used estimate missile trajectory; X-band radar High frequency signals help to identify type of missile; Battle command centre; Early warning radar Used to detect and track missile
Any move to station missiles at Fylingdales would go far beyond the existing agreement to upgrade the early warning radar and would prove hugely controversial among Labour Party MPs and activists.
These systems use various means to track and target aircraft, including modern telecommunications equipment and computers to create networks of early warning radar, missile system radar, and passive detection systems that pick up aircraft communications or heat from aircraft engines.
Bowing to US concerns, Israel is calling off a deal with China for the sale of an aircraft equipped with advanced early warning radar technology.
The United States was ready to sell Taiwan the Aegis early warning radar system under Republican President George Bush in 1992, but Taiwan did not pursue the purchase due to a tight defense budget, reports from Washington said Thursday.
After eight months of study, Cohen decided the merger could mean higher prices and lower quality in advanced tactical and strategic aircraft, airborne early warning radar systems, and sonar and several types of countermeasure systems.
Platforms ranged from large ground-based early warning radar (EWR) systems to scaled down AESAs for incorporation into unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).
The early warning radar state, known Dnepr, will be used to track hypersonic, cruise and ballistic missiles launched from ships in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea at ranges of up to 1,864 miles, a source told the Russian-language Izvestia, according to (http://sputniknews.
The North Truro Air Force has been early warning radar station during the Cold War, the National Park Service acquired the 110-acre Highlands Center property in 1994.
Moscow, Nov 30(ANI): Russia has displayed yet another show of strength with the launch of a new military early warning radar.
Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Selcuk Unal said on Wednesday, "as you know, we have stated in early September that preparations to place an early warning radar in our country in the framework of the NATO missile defense architecture have come to its final stage.
Gharyan one early warning radar and one truck-mounted gun were destroyed.
We also just notified Congress last month of a possible sale to Taiwan of two long-planned Ultra High Frequency long range Early Warning Radar systems.
He is author of two books -- Radar Electronic Counter Countermeasures (Artech House, 1979; and Robert Krieger 1985) and Millimeter Wave Radar (Artech House, 1980) -- as well as chapters on electronic counter-countermeasures in Modern Radar Techniques (Collins Professional Tech nical Books, 1987) and Airborne Early Warning Radar (Artech House, 1989).
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