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one of two flaps attached to a cap to keep the ears warm


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Because Father began to shake with a fine, irritable tremor; his fingers, clenched on the black poker, turned white; in the meantime, those two walked over to Hanemann, the tall one, the one in the hat with the earflaps, picked up a gray cup with a gold rim, raised it up toward Hanemann's face, and crushed it in his fingers like an Easter egg.
The earflaps of my hat were always tied behind my neck, half up and half down, so that I looked like some warrior riding into battle.
Peanuts" is a bit of a presence in "Bottle Rocket" but I think that, in "Rushmore" when you bust out the Charlie Brown hat with the earflaps, it becomes official.
com Hats without earflaps are for novices - whistling winds mean you need almost complete head coverage, and this Ted Baker Outpost faux fur trapper obliges.
Among my favourites are the flamboyant, furry Peruvian hats with earflaps in myriad colours including purple, which, unfortunately, my Beloved has banned me from purchasing due to the embarrassment factor.
Dressed in heavy wool coats and hats with earflaps, with contented looks on their faces, the early birds of convertibledom usually find their way onto the roads about mid-April, just to show how cool they are.
I still have a photo on my wall of him standing in his standard winter farmer's garb--5-buckle overshoes, overalls, farmer's hat with the earflaps pulled down--laughing, as he hoisted a fat bullhead from the pond.
In his first televised appearance after protests broke out in Libya, he appeared with an umbrella and a ridiculous cap with earflaps.
A classic six-panel ball cap design keeps your head warm and dry on the marsh, and it includes earflaps that can be folded in to the interior when cool, then pulled down, when it's colder out.
Him, ten years old, in that hat with earflaps Aunt Marthe had given him to go with the Christmas duffel coat from grandmama.
Their shoddy defense was even worse than the last time they were here wearing earflaps and blowing warm breath on their hands in 40-degree weather.
For even more wintertime comfort, choose hats with built-in earflaps.
According to a report in National Geographic News, the animal was found wearing wooden earflaps mounted with turquoise mosaic, a collar of greenstone beads, and golden bells around its four feet.
Characteristically, he wears a red hat with upturned earflaps.