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one of two flaps attached to a cap to keep the ears warm


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Because Father began to shake with a fine, irritable tremor; his fingers, clenched on the black poker, turned white; in the meantime, those two walked over to Hanemann, the tall one, the one in the hat with the earflaps, picked up a gray cup with a gold rim, raised it up toward Hanemann's face, and crushed it in his fingers like an Easter egg.
In this case, New" York and Washington are invaded by an unnamed force of drunken and lecherous soldiers wearing German uniforms and what looks like baseball caps with earflaps.
At this he proceeded to model the coat, swinging open both sides to reveal a thick and sumptuous lining of rather tattered mink, all the while turning his head so his fuzzy khaki earflaps danced.
Thankfully, he had dumped his sweeping Sherlock Holmes' cloak and deerstalker hat with its Deputy Dawg earflaps in the cloakroom.
A hat with earflaps, or a separate muff or scarf will go a long way to protect vulnerable ears.
According to a report in National Geographic News, the animal was found wearing wooden earflaps mounted with turquoise mosaic, a collar of greenstone beads, and golden bells around its four feet.
Characteristically, he wears a red hat with upturned earflaps.
Block out the braying hooray Henrys with a selection of aural winter warmers piped through headphones built into the beanie's earflaps.
Magnetic earflaps can be opened for better hearing; a "hand-warmer" pocket is included on the front.
The night of the assault, he wore a multicolored wool hat with earflaps, a dark--colored nylon jacket over other layers of clothing, blue jeans and brown hiking boots.
He had no outer ears or earholes and instead had tiny earflaps sticking out.
The child wears a knit hat, and the puffy tassels dangling from his earflaps sway each time he coughs.
old quilted jackets, Russian felt boots, and mangy fur hats with earflaps.
Four have since been identified but police are desperate to find the man seen wearing a distinctive black or dark green fur-lined hunting cap, with earflaps that can be clipped over the head .
Nor is there much in the way of shopping, although I did find a store that sold a fur hat made of a coyote--an entire coyote, its ears and leathery little nose sticking out the top, the tail hanging behind, and the earflaps made from paws that still had the claws attached.