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the membrane in the ear that vibrates to sound

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Air travel has also been identified as a potential cause as the unequal pressure that develops on either side of the eardrum when a plane descends can block the eustachian tube.
If children could cause perforated eardrums simply by crying, then half the population would be deaf, Coronation Street would be transmitted in semaphore and they'd be handing out hearing aids at NCT classes.
It must have been a forceful punch because it perforated his eardrum.
Anything that physically blocks or compromises the conduction of sound waves to the eardrum will cause a blocked sensation.
Because my eustachian tube on my right side had not been opening and closing as it should, there was a negative pressure in my middle ear and this negative pressure over time had caused my right eardrum to be sucked inward creating "retraction pockets.
New Coil: A Step Toward an MRI Breast Cancer Scan in Your Doctor's Office * Technology Would Help Find Miners and Others Trapped in Tough Places * Method For Studying Eardrums Will Advance Treatments for Hearing Loss * New Study Shows How To Make Roads More Resistant to Potholes * Digital Library Helps Policy Makers Connect the Dots on Fire Safety
The sound wave travels down the canal to the eardrum, causing it to vibrate.
Now the sound arrives at your eardrum in your middle ear.
These vibrations, or sound waves, enter the ear canal and strike a thin membrane stretched across the end of the ear canal called the eardrum.
If the child has glue ear, the doctor will see that the eardrum has been sucked inwards.
This part of the ear contains three tiny bones that carry sound vibrations from the eardrum to the inner ear.
This is when a watery, or mucuslike, fluid collects behind the eardrum.
It is accurate because the eardrum shares the blood supply with the hypothalamus, the brain's control center.
This test gives detailed information about the movements of the eardrum and bones of the middle ear in response to sound.
BROADCASTER Gaby Roslin has told how she was left in agony when her eardrum burst following an infection, leading to temporary tinnitus and impaired hearing.