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Synonyms for earache

an ache localized in the middle or inner ear


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Our original Earache Relief SKU has already established itself in the ear care set, but those consumers who have been directed to the analgesic set may not be aware that our product exists.
After being treated for the earache, the man came back the hospital, but only reluctantly, Louie said.
Mullen ear oil is specific for simple earache, but do seek help if this does not clear up quickly.
3 Earache and possibly toothache at the back of your mouth.
In 2004, for instance, it debuted Similasan Pink Eye Relief eyedrops and Similasan Kidz Size Earache Relief.
Stacie, 23, said: "He had been complaining of earache so he had the top of his coat up.
Q MY daughter has trouble hearing and has earache, what is the problem?
We have also introduced Kidz Size earache relief, a pack of five single-use droppers to be merchandised in the children's pain relief section.
When my young son complained of an earache while we were traveling on a jet, the attendant took two hot towels from first class and put them in two plastic cups.
Those two haven't exactly been getting on either but the funny thing is, five minutes with her harridan of a mother giving her earache and Chelsea's packing her bags to move in with him.
which markets a nonantibiotic earache pain reliever.
Your child has an earache or sore throat that won't go away.
WELL he's used to dramatic scenes in front of the cameras with him copping a load of earache off the missus.
Sadly, they turned great songs like Fire It Up and Float On into a form of earache.