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jewelry to ornament the ear

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And consumers in the United States and elsewhere trust the Studex Universal Ear Piercing System.
Sarcoidal-type allergic contact granuloma: A rare complication of ear piercing.
This is because lesions of pinna-like keloid are quite common in middle and lower socioeconomic status, since poor hygienic conditions and aseptic ear piercing is widely practiced in this group.
Local authorities outside London already have the power to regulate ear piercing, tattooing, acupuncture and electrolysis.
For example: in my local town I saw a boy with several ear piercings - eye brow piercing and nose piercing - it looked positively grotesque.
Prolonged redness, swelling or tenderness after ear piercing isn't normal.
Kari's one-girl exploratory committee for early ear piercing coincides with my realization that she is starting to show some of the preliminary signs of puberty that I might prefer to ignore for a few more years, but by then it'll be too late.
3) While most doctors agree that ear piercing is safe, body piercing doesn't require a license and is almost always done without anesthetic.
Cartilage is found along the outside edge near the top of the ear, a common spot for multiple ear piercing, and in portions of the nose.
When the pet falls or ventures into the water, an ear piercing alarm is instantly sounded at the house (or boat) from the Base Station - allowing the owner to immediately respond to the distressed animal.
As the world's largest ear piercing manufacturer, Studex Inc.
There is little information on the repair of dilated ear lobules; however, given the increasing popularity of ear piercing among youths, this repair is increasingly performed to restore the natural ear appearance and shape for aesthetic and social reasons.
IT saddens me to read about a mother encouraging her daughter to put a simple thing such as an ear piercing dispute before her education.
CHILDREN are in danger of contracting the deadly HIV virus because parents take them to unhygienic ear piercing salons.
Magistrates heard that although the flat above the shop was registered with the city council for ear piercing the shop itself was not, partly because of concerns about the lack of a wash basin.