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the fleshy pendulous part of the external human ear


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The defendant then latched on to his left ear lobe and he felt excruciating pain and he saw the defendant spit part of his ear out of his mouth.
1a) who had undergone surgical reconstruction of Ear lobe for Microtia on the right side with Autologous costal cartilage and split thickness graft has been referred to the Department of Prosthodontics, TNGDC&H, Chennai for fabrication of Auricular stent.
Many of these ear lobe anomalies (70-100%) can be corrected by nonsurgical methods to look normal or nearly normal if identified and treated within the first few days of life.
Give the earrings a twist every day so they don't stick, and make sure that neither the back nor front of the earring is going into your ear lobe.
A FOOTBALL fan suffered a torn ear lobe when he was attacked outside a Warwickshire pub.
Its next set touts its South Sea pearl on a drop-gorgeous feature of floral motifs that grace the wearer's ear lobe, glittering with diamonds, whose sparkle is designed to enhance the mystique of its pearls.
She is white, 5ft tall, of medium build with black, shoulder-length hair and has a stud piercing above her lip and in her left ear lobe.
It is likely that the very high venous pressures from steep Trendelenberg positioning provide ear lobe venous pulsations that were interpreted by the pulse oximeter as arterial in origin.
In August 2004, a previously healthy girl, age 4 years and 9 months, was found with 2 ticks attached to her left ear lobe 3 days before the onset of fever and headache.
The 'back' of the neck is defined as being just under the ear lobe and across the back of the head.
Swelling or redness around the ear lobe or ear cartilage could be signs of infection.
Marc Kerner, a head and neck surgeon, made an incision from just under Schuman's ear lobe to the midpoint of his throat.
Overall, 48% of the participants had a body piercing, defined as a piercing at any site for boys and at any site other than the ear lobe for girls.
The Dutch master cut off his ear lobe of course, in a moment of madness.
Evans' species sports easy-to-recognize perforations, like piercings in an ear lobe, that spot both the upper and lower surfaces of the branches.