ear hole

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a hole (as in a helmet) for sound to reach the ears

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Moreover, these extracting-circles center on the ear hole area to extract the ear features.
He did neither, because Hall shot him precisely at the base of his ear hole, and the elephant collapsed without hearing the shot.
As the receiver turns his head to look for the ball, the ear hole will disappear.
I don't approve of smoking but I lived during the war and I wouldn't have cared if, when the men came back they had cigarettes in each ear hole, providing they came back alive.
Quirkier names include Skanky Cat, Scraggy and Ear Hole.
A split-second after the snap, Stanford defender Donnie Spragan smacked Weisman on the ear hole.
The correct line to the brain was to place the bullet about eight inches above the ear hole and behind the ear.
Defenders suffering from GBH of the ear hole the world over would beg to disagree, but there can be no doubt that he has talent to burn.
p THE EAR GRAB The ear grab is a symbolic attempt by the listener to 'hear no evil' - other variations include rubbing the back of the ear pulling at the ear lobe or bending the entire ear forward to cover the ear hole
Just let the wax come to the outside on its own and clean around the outside the ear hole with a facecloth
The heat, dust and silence seemed to intensify incredibly in those few seconds that it took Clanton to lift his rifle and take a bead on a point just in front of the ear hole.
If Ms Cox knew her ear hole from her armpit, she'd have taken Beauty round to Fivelands, the veterinary centre, about a seven-minute walk from her Moseley home, to be vaccinated and microchipped at about ten weeks old.
But when he arrived, he had the assistant manager of Swansea and a number of their staff in his ear hole, saying the pitch was not fit.
How refreshing to be able to hear the thumps and bangs of honest and committed contact, and to have to keep your wits about you as a full-back prepared to clear to touch for fear you may cop one straight in the ear hole.
down the ear hole as we prepared to watch the Fulham v Liverpool game on the TV.