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a physician who specializes in the ear and its diseases

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However, there are troublesome exceptions, particularly among AuD audiologists with independent hearing aid businesses who allow their patients to think that their visit with the audiologist constitutes having seen an ear doctor.
For instance the ear doctor took me on his knee and later my mother said, His uncle fought in the War of 1812.
If your ear doctor says you have normal eardrums, and if he says it is safe, you could make up your own eardrops to use after swimming.
Noted Ear Doctor from Stanford University and entrepreneur Dr.
One summer while her sister was in a girls camp, their parents kept Ellen with them to take her to an ear doctor.
Your local ear doctor should be able to refer you to a cochlear implant center.
I have to see an ear doctor periodically and every time I have to go through the primary care physician.
One of my former ear doctors knew of my passion for diving and together we planned the timing to remove the ear tube, allow my eardrum to form a scar to close the hole left by the tube removal.
For prime viewing, she urges us to position our eyes and a bright light just an inch away from the stinging end of a resting bee, as if we're ear doctors gone off the deep end.