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Synonyms for eagle-eyed

capable of seeing to a great distance

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Blerim Tahiraj, 24, was seen acting suspiciously by an eagle-eyed cop
Eagle-eyed Coventrian Simon Shaw, who spotted the blunder, said: "If this is indeed an offence under an Act dating back to 1672 I wonder if someone can be hung or put in the stocks
An eagle-eyed parishioner contacted officials at the church after seeing the flagon for sale on the internet auction site, attracting bids of around pounds 500.
This weekend, Kris Ohlenkamp will rise at dawn, head for the hills, then keep an eagle-eyed watch for plumes.
Eagle-eyed observers feared a potential ban under a little known rule after Galvin was dismissed against Armagh.
An eagle-eyed grandmother was the heroine of the day after checking her granddaughter's lottery numbers and finding she had won pounds 2.
Eagle-eyed Record Sport witnessed the Irishman knock the head off a mascot who danced in front of him before Celtic and Kilmarnock could kick off for the second half on Sunday.
But eagle-eyed readers of the FA handbook have found that rule E3 on misconduct would suggest the rule-makers do not know their regs.
EAGLE-eyed folk will notice that the ice rink at the city end of Broad Street has now finished its third consecutive run.
EAGLE-EYED Heather Bell notched TWO holes in one then revealedhow she's not looked back since having laser eye surgery.
The eagle-eyed pair think they were off see Mr Bean's Holiday.
I am sure the eagle-eyed bankers won't blink at the rather unusual first name of Yukka.