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powerful free-swimming tropical ray noted for 'soaring' by flapping winglike fins

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Andrew Jurkevics, who has led Eagle Ray development, is being named as a vice president of development at Primavera.
Their catch was a 232-pound spotted eagle ray caught as part of an ongoing study to better understand the species' prevalence and potentially develop a conservation plan for it.
The spotted eagle ray (Aetobatus narinari) until recently had been considered a cosmopolitan species distributed in tropical and warm, temperate waters.
Madhupal, in fact, found different species of discarded eagle rays at several places in the Batinah region.
Addu Atoll has more than 25 good diving sites teeming with marine life such as eagle rays, hawksbill turtles, black tip reef sharks, spinner dolphins, coral and colourful reef fish.
For the stingrays and eagle rays, Public Enemy Number One is the orca, the killer whales.
Turtles, nurse sharks, eagle rays, lobsters, moray eels, groupers and spotted drum provide endless photography opportunities, and 200-foot visibility is not unusual.
NAUSICAA's staff describe it as a remarkable underwater ballet where shoals of yellow, blue and red fish share the ring with hammerhead sharks, Napoleon fish and eagle rays.
Diving enthusiasts will enjoy experiencing the rich and diverse marine life, including a variety of sting rays - Spotted Eagle Rays, Porcupine Rays, Whiptail Stingrays, Marbled Sting Rays, sharks, and large numbers of green turtles and Hawksbill Turtles.
Bright corals and vivid nudibranchs provide the perfect backdrop for the wealth of colourful marine life, with every species imaginable in residence; from giant double-headed parrotfish, yellowtail fusiliers and sea turtles, to eagle rays, black-tipped reef sharks and barracudas.
It houses sharks, sea turtles, eagle rays and reef fish.
Cutting up 800lbs of seafood and serving it to the eagle rays and adult sharks is not a job she welcomes.
During the test period, the ReefCam captured images of turtles, eagle rays, squid, a myriad of fish, and divers who frequent local waters.
The all-new saltwater reef is filled with thousands of tropical fish, eagle rays, zebra sharks and eels in shallow and deeper waters leaving guests to explore where they feel most comfortable.
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