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Synonyms for eagerness

Synonyms for eagerness

a positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with something

prompt willingness

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You can see the eagerness to win, they won't give up so easily,' said Reyes.
Batelcos support to Road to Moscow reflects the companys eagerness to empower the disabled community, encouraging change.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Azeri Deputy Economy and Industry Minister Sahil Babayev announced Azerbaijan's eagerness to further develop trade and economic relations with Iran.
Children at ornton Lodge Nursery School are polite and have an eagerness for learning.
One analyst told Bradsher the problem is Chinese eagerness to rush into new industries.
Suleymanov said at the same time, 250,000 Azerbaijani citizens who were living in Armenia were expelled from their motherland, and the aim was to frighten the Azerbaijani people and shake their eagerness for independence.
Our eagerness to report has been matched by the eagerness from management of SSI and Tata to deliver and only a few days ago we were able to report a New Year resolution by Thai steel to get the job done.
21 September 2010, SPA -- A number of visitors of the exhibition on the Kingdom&'s Fantastic Antiquities over history, currently ongoing in Paris Louvre Museum, expressed admiration about the exhibition and eagerness to know more about Saudi Arabia&'s history.
I have a memory of the thousands of Iraqis and the hundreds of British soldiers who have died as a result of Tony Blair's and Gordon Brown's eagerness to followGeorge Bush.
DAVID James has revealed his eagerness to return to the England side against Ukraine this weekend after the frustration of missing the last five internationals through injury.
2 : in a state of great excitement or energy <His voice sounded louder and higher, as if he were afire with eagerness and rage.
I, at the moment, do not have a strong eagerness over the presidential election,'' Okada said at a press conference at the Japan National Press Club in Tokyo.
Such was the Old Etonian's eagerness to appear "with it", he decided it would be appropriate to swear.
San Diego is the poster child for local elected officials' eagerness to give public-employee unions everything they want -- even if they have to bend the law -- to advance their own political security.
In fact, my 7-year-old twin sons began second grade this fall with just that sense of nervous eagerness.