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(computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in

communicate electronically on the computer

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Since most e-mail threats rely on sender address spoofing, adopting authentication technologies can go a long way toward keeping fraudulent e-mails from hitting enterprise inboxes.
E-mail authentication protects both end-user recipients and e-mail administrators.
When e-mail is added to the equation and linked to this central repository, e-mails can be retained for knowledge management and records management purposes.
In addition, organizations that adopt an automated approach to managing e-mails should ensure that end users can easily retrieve e-mails once they have been placed in the repository.
Of the e-mails you send, you can determine how many are opened, and how many links are followed.
It features short, modular lessons, printable job aids, practice exercises to help learners apply skills and assess progress, and numerous examples of effective e-mails.
In filter-based systems, we often have to check the quarantine box for valid e-mails because the system might make a mistake.
Identified a person in their company with over 33,000 unopened e-mails in her inbox folder.
Internet postage will also mean that e-mail marketers will not have to spend as much time retooling message designs to ensure their e-mails get through the filters of internet service providers like AOL and Yahoo, supporters say.
Even if you have broadband at camp, large attachments eat up storage space as well as bandwidth increasing the chances that parents' e-mails will bounce.
In the age of e-mail and instant messaging, 'kiss and tell' has taken on new meaning," said Nancy Flynn, executive director of The ePolicy Institute, www.
To shield e-mail infrastructures against high-volume e-mail assaults the AP Intelligent Mail Switch provides powerful Queue Engine Management technologies:
The company has enabled e-commerce on the site for the first time, and is now hosting and maintaining the web site in addition to their permission e-mail marketing services engagement.
connection -- Receipt of wireless e-mails -- Runs on two AA batteries for up to 72 hours of continuous usage -- Includes: Address book, Calendar, Cut & Paste, Built-in Phrases,
In one case, a company - not identified by name - conceded that it was able to respond to only 10 percent of the 20,000 e-mails it received each day.