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(computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in

communicate electronically on the computer

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He e-mailed me again and asked to have sex with me, saying if I didn't he would show the photos to my father.
We have e-mailed them all in advance that they have to pay another pounds 5 because of Gordon Brown's introduction of this tax on February 1," he said yesterday.
We have lived here for the last 19 years and when I e-mailed Bernie I did put it to her that ourselves plus other residents would welcome the opportunity to purchase some of this land to enable us to have gardens at the rear of our houses, rather than just a small back yard.
The membership in the organization--which monitors new technologies and supports fully integrated, teacher friendly and network supported systems--includes e-mailed news alerts, discounts on products and event registration, and national legislative representation.
In-depth phone interviews with 56 of the 311 respondents who had e-mailed their physicians revealed that 30 did so less than once a month, 12 e-mailed about once per month, and 14 e-mailed their physicians more frequently, said Dr.
five percent, for example, an "Instant Alert" is immediately e-mailed to subscribers, Leeb said.
Dershowitz e-mailed Publishers Weekly's editor in chief Nora Rawlinson to complain that a review of his book, 'America on Trial: Inside the Legal Battles that Transformed Our Nation', "smacked of personal antagonism by the reviewer".
Questions about PIPES may be e-mailed to pipesquestions @buildings.
RehabWorks DataLink produces a data file upon completion of invoicing each month that can be e-mailed and imported directly into a facility's accounts-receivable software.
POINTLess counters this problem by compressing riles by up to 94 percent so that they can be e-mailed and downloaded faster, while taking up less disk space.
The Senate bill adds a raft of consumer protections, including free, e-mailed credit reports; truncated account numbers on receipts to make identity theft harder; and single-point-of-contact fraud reporting in case an identity theft happens.
During that time, we've e-mailed and written letters.
Follow-up digital photos e-mailed to consumers whose photos were taken at the Expo.
In addition, the resume is also e-mailed to potential employers on a weekly basis.
On November 15, electronic ballots were e-mailed to all members who were in good standing as of October 31 for whom we have valid e-mail addresses.