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standard formulations uniformly found in certain types of legal documents or news stories

thick plate iron used in the production of boilers

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The application inserts those contacts' business card information into individual, personalized e-mail templates, then sends e-mails to all selected contacts with one click.
Again, you must cut and paste your customer's shipment tracking code into an e-mail template that includes a link to Airborne's online tracking utility.
The e-mail template will appear and the student can enter a subject and write an e-mail, which will go to the person chosen by the school.
Users of Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes benefit from improved e-mail template form integration and added options such as delivery details, detailed success/failure reports and the ability to specify delivery priorities and scheduled delivery times.
In addition, LetterMark software allows each user to include a confidentiality statement (or disclaimer) in the e-mail template, instead of in a signature file.
KANA iCARE Analytics is integrated into KANA's customer service and marketing operational applications, resulting in the ability to continually improve knowledge base and e-mail template content, to track and optimize activity within multi-channel contact centers and marketing departments.
The consumer-tested tools include promotions, e-mail templates, social media content, and "do it for me" television, radio, community outreach and public relations.