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(computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies

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"Our roll-out of additional nodes, across the globe, is on track, meaning that by 2018 customers of SoftShell, IT2Trust, E-Data, Spectrami and CRYPSYS will be protected by the world's largest, most distributed and technically advanced DDoS mitigation network."
The E-Data Quality Working Group identified three key issues that caused failures and prevented users from accessing digital content.
The solutions of e-Data, with units in the USA and Germany, combine physical access control and time collection and also include an integrated fingerprint biometrics module.
27 May 2011 - Swiss security firm Kaba (SWF:KABN) announced today the acquisition of US-German provider of access control solutions E-Data for an undisclosed price.
Making the most of e-data so as to develop enterprises' competitiveness and develop inter-Arab trade is also on the agenda of the forum.
"No manual insurance policy will be accepted for renewal of vehicle registration after the cut off date as the system will be fully relying on the e-data transmitted to the agency automatically from various systems used by insurance companies.
To avoid the horrendous consequences of unintended disclosures of privileged material, armies of lawyers and paralegals review massive amounts of paper and e-data to weed out the handful of communications that might be privileged, leading to enormous expense.
* What's New: Swamped with e-evidence, courts have laid out rigid requirements for e-data admissibility.
Additionally, document retention programs, advanced management software, the existence of hard to resurrect back-up data, and the sophisticated computer professionals required to manage and cull the mountains of e-data can be tremendously expensive.
"The new look and customized search capabilities of the e-Data tools encourage more user interaction with ABC data," Gladys Searcy, director of marketing and sales at ABC, said in a statement.
The process of organizing e-data can often be one of the most challenging aspens of the paperless process, since organizations may already have some type of information storage strategy in place--whether by client, by year, by application, etc.
CSC's CheckVision e-Data Delivery application suite allows banks to provide electronic delivery of check images, lockbox and associated payment data to corporate banking customers.
It's giving the tourism trade the impetus to collect e-data and use it effectively.
Should Florida's Rules of Civil Procedure be amended to differentiate between traditional discovery and electronic discovery in light of the huge amount of e-data being generated today?
Before you begin the fight over e-data, put the defendant on notice of what you intend to seek, how you expect it to preserve materials, and the basic production requirements.