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(computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies

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Country: USA, Germany, Sector: Business and Consumer Services, IT/Online ServicesTarget: e-DATA GmbH, e-DATA CorpBuyer: Kaba Holding AGType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
In 2010, E-Data generated a revenue of about CHF6 million (USD7m/EUR4.
To view a short video on new e-Data tools, go here.
Should Florida's Rules of Civil Procedure be amended to differentiate between traditional discovery and electronic discovery in light of the huge amount of e-data being generated today?
Before you begin the fight over e-data, put the defendant on notice of what you intend to seek, how you expect it to preserve materials, and the basic production requirements.
Spokespersons/Titles: Mark Wachowitz, senior vice president, Marketing & Sales; Gladys Seamy, marketing manager, e-Data
E *TRADE has announced that it has signed a joint venture agreement with E-data Holdings to establish E*TRADE Africa.
E-data's original business was selling fruit, birthday cakes, wine, and meat by wire; now, E-data has found a much more lucrative niche -- suing software companies for patent infringement.
Some of the added features include new computer systems with state of the art gadgets, accessories, new data bases for research journals, cabin for researchers, exclusive data bank of research papers, legislative briefs, committee research and subscription for online book stores besides up-gradation and customization of existing TLS, revamping of Senate Library webpage, integration of e-data / E-books modules in Senate library website and development of software for archival of debates, audio and video database with various search options besides many other features / options.
He noted that today marks a year of operation of a Single web portal for the use of public funds E-data where can be found all the procedures on the use of funds from the State Budget.
volunteered to design and install the cutting edge Kaba e-DATA system that gives the staff complete control at the tip of their fingertips because of a heartfelt desire to protect the children and a tangible connection with the community.
The accord will help identify joint projects, exchange good practices between the two ports to energise trade exchanges, the free flow of goods between the two sides and establish an e-data exchanges between the two platforms.
Later this year, ABC will roll out an updated suite of e-Data tools.
You can help your clients protect themselves against a potential spoliation accusation and its consequences by telling them to immediately halt all electronic document-handling policies that result in the recycling of potentially relevant tapes or other e-data destruction.