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a bomb that explodes in midair and releases a massive burst of electromagnetic energy sufficient to disable computers and telecommunications without killing people or damaging buildings

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Although E-Bomb offers the reader the basis for understanding the technological and operational forces that will determine whether directed-energy technologies will change U.
E-Bomb is a useful work, one that contributes to the literature on the relationship between advanced technologies and defense.
Since hardening these information systems against electromagnetic pulses can he very costly, it is unlikely that a country like Iraq would be sufficiently protected against an E-bomb.
ElectroMagnetic Pulse weapons or E-bombs may be that alternative, and weapons designed to destroy electrical systems while leaving humans unscathed are nearing technical readiness.
Press disclosures to date suggest that the E-bomb might be used not only as a "first day of the war" tool for disrupting integrated air-defense and command, control, and communications systems, but also as a means of damaging the electrical-security and access-control systems used on bunkers storing chemical and biological munitions.
A SECRET British weapon - the E-bomb - could be used in an attack on Iraq.
The four types of e-bomb identified by mi2g include Chain Bombs, Error Message Bombs, Covert Distribution Channel Bombs and Mail Exploder Bombs.