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a group of nearly parallel lines of electromagnetic radiation

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Although there have been some articles published on thermal initiated crosslinking of SBCs [9, 19, 20, 23, 32-37], little research has been performed on the effects of E-beam radiation initiated crosslinking on SBCs.
D2S' advanced design-for-e-beam (DFEB) design and software capabilities maximize existing e-beam technology to virtually eliminate the costs of masks and speed time to market by shortening the design-to-lithography process flow.
We might also look to a future when industrial e-beam equipment is more affordable; right now, contract service companies remain the most cost-effective option for e-beam processing.
Depending on the level used, certain food additives with antioxidant properties may protect foodborne bacteria from the lethal effects of E-beam irradiation by scavenging free radicals.
Once the linear accelerator is activated, electrons are accelerated down a tube creating an E-beam.
JENA, Germany & YOKOHAMA, Japan -- PROVE[TM] enables NuFlare to calibrate and qualify their e-beam mask writers at a technologically advanced level.
Pre Qualification: E-Beam Evaporation System With In-Situ Ion Cleaning Facility -01 No.
Currently, e-beam wafer inspection systems are being used in wafer inspection processes.
With a compact e-beam emitter installed in-line, printers have the capability of completely curing black, as well as other custom colors and even clear inks, on press at unprecedented speeds, with higher quality, more ink gloss and better adhesion than other energy-curing systems, according to Stack.
E-BEAM Services has introduced a non-chemical process for the bio-reduction and sterilization of nonwovens to permit manufacturers, packagers and distributors of wet and dry nonwoven sanitary products toassure and preserve product integrity without the use of alcohol or other stabilizing chemical additives.
Most of these changes were linked to the tire manufacturers' need to reduce the size of the e-beam equipment and improve its practicality as an in-line system.
E-Beam Services reports that plastic tubing and molded parts processed by means of the company's high-energy electron-beam process can replace more expensive engineered products in automotive under-the-hood applications.
GRENOBLE, France -- CEA-Leti and ASELTA Nanographics, its newly incorporated startup, today announced they will jointly develop e-beam proximity effects correction solutions for both mask writing and maskless lithography (ML2) applications.
The E-Beam works by using an electron beam particle accelerator unit that creates high energy electrons which produce free radicals in the waste water leading to decomposition of organic compounds (pollutants).
LEONI Studer Hard AG is a well known and established European player, experienced in E-beam, gamma and X-ray Irradiation technologies .