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painful or difficult urination

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Other symptoms include dyspareunia, dysuria, sexual dysfunction, and bleeding.
Alexia is a 17-year-old female being seen for dysuria, frequency, urgency with urination, and suprapubic pain.
Presenting symptoms may include pruritus, skin irritation, vulvar pain, dysuria, bleeding from excoriations, fissures, and constipation.
As in our case, urethral diverticula may present with swelling on the penoscrotal region that increase during urination, dysuria, weak urine stream, and post-voiding dribbling.
Eight days after vaginal delivery, she presented to the local hospital with a history of acute lower abdominal pain, oliguria and dysuria, without nausea, vomiting and fever.
The most common side effects were dysuria (41.6%), chills (31.5%), hematuria (30.3%), high fever (29.2%), cystitis (24.7%), and malaise (23.6%).
Most common queries were related to hematuria (12.84%, n=47), dysuria (11.75%, n=43)%, constipation (11.47%, n=42), surgical site (10.66%, n=39), and pain (8.74%, n=32).
[3,4] Vesical calculus is usually associated with irritating symptoms such as dysuria, incontinence, urinary urgency and frequency and lower abdominal pain.
Further follow-up of patients was carried out on the second and fourth weeks after TRUS-bx, and symptoms, such as dysuria, rectal bleeding, fever, hematospermia, hematuria, and pollakiuria, were recorded.
Prevalence of anemia, dysuria, fever, and low weight were also not statistically different between the 2 groups, nor were hospitalizations within the previous year or use of nonvitamin tablets over the previous 30 days.
After about one month, the patient underwent abdominoperineal resection of the rectum, which relieved his anal pain, but subsequently he developed perineal pain and dysuria. His primary physician, considering these conditions to be cancer pain, advised treatment with controlled-release oxycodone 20 mg/day, immediate-release oxycodone 20 mg/day, and pregabalin 300 mg/day.
Positive reporting of the urinary domain was associated with a higher CPSI total score (25.8), higher CPSI urination score (6.3), more frequent penile tip pain (n=348, 37%), more frequent dysuria (n=454, 48.2%), and more were more commonly treated with alpha-blockers (n=659, 70%) (Appendix 1).
Dysuria developed in 26 (89.6%) patients in whom BCG was administered, and pollakiuria was observed in 26 (89.6%) patients.
Classified as "symptomatic" were men reporting clinical manifestations of urethritis (urethral discharge and/or dysuria and/or urethral pruritus), and women reporting clinical manifestations of cervicitis (abnormal vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding after sexual contact, dysuria).
The most common symptoms and signs were fever, dysuria nausea/vomiting, general condition impairment, pyuria, haematuria.