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This omission rendered us unable to retrospectively examine the development of chronicity in our persistent depressive patients, despite the fact that we collected data regarding age of onset solely from the dysthymic patients to classify them as early-onset and late-onset dysthymics.
A well-known example is the emergence of MDEs in dysthymic patients.
In DSM-5, four different clinical types are described to be related to the course of PDD over the last two years: (1) with pure dysthymic syndrome, (2) with persistent MDE, (3) with intermittent MDEs with a current episode, and (4) with intermittent MDEs without a current episode.
Of these 120 patients, however 20 had chronic MDD, 42 had dysthymic disorder and 3 had dysthymia+chronic MDD.
We finally repeated the analysis for the groups of dysthymics, and found no significant differences between treatments (p = 0.
It has been noticed that the clinical effectiveness of drug therapy in dysthymics may appear somewhat later than in major depression (Ravindran et al.
A secondary stratification was made with respect to whether the patients were dysthymic or not.