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Patients with existing or prior history of dysrhythmia, low EF (<30%), emergency/redo MVR, concomitant procedures (Coronary artery bypass grafting [CABG] or other valve replacement) and those who were lost to follow-up were excluded.
Not your regular high: cardiac dysrhythmias caused by loperamide.
Patients were extubated and shifted to recovery and monitored for an hour for adverse effects such as bradycardia, hypotension, dysrhythmias, respiratory depression (arterial oxygen saturation less than 95) and sedation.
14) Factors influencing the occurrence of post-surgical delirium include hematocrit levels of lower than 30%, (12,15) reduced cardiac output, (12,16-18) use of balloon pump, use of inotropic medication, (16) intubation more than 24 hours, need for re-surgery, post-surgical dysrhythmias, infusion of more than 4 units of packed red cells, infusion of more than one unit of fresh frozen plasma, carbon dioxide level of more than 45 mmHg, more than 60 mmHg decrease in the arterial oxygen level, elevated blood sugar, reduced blood sugar, elevated temperature, and increased serum sodium, and urea levels.
Methadone can cause repolarization abnormalities, with prolongation of the QT segment and a risk of a particular ventricular dysrhythmia called torsade de pointes.
This proposal outlined the goals and objectives of a basic dysrhythmia program tailored for renal nurses with an online format utilizing the hospital's current learning management system.
Cardiac symptoms arise at late puberty in the form of dysrhythmia (mostly ventricular tachycardia) in 91%, sudden death in 28%, and heart failure in 30% of cases [6].
The court heard Mr MacCormac died from drowning as a result of cardiac dysrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat caused by his blocked artery.
The court heard Stuart died from drowning as a result of cardiac dysrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat caused by his blocked artery.
It should also avoid fluctuations in levels that may precipitate dysrhythmia or other more serious consequences (2,3,6,11,12).
Individuals with a previously known cardiac dysrhythmia or artificial pacemaker were excluded.
In a survey carried out by the HAAD on 82 herbal products from 18 shops in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, the HAAD found 10 with yohambine, a chemical substance banned in the UAE for its cardiovascular side effects such as dysrhythmia (irregular heart rate), heart failure and death.
Krallice and Dysrhythmia made my every move more painful than being on a medieval rack; Iron Maiden was a shade better but did nothing to take my mind off the pain either.
This "Jet Lag Campaign" has been created for people battling circadian dysrhythmia and offers a range of ingredients that help to balance the body's inner clock.
Patients with subclinical hyperthyroidism appear to be at increased risk of cardiovascular disease and dysrhythmia and may possibly have greater fracture and dementia risks, according to the results of a community-based epidemiologic study of 1,905 individuals with subclinical disease.