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not breathing or able to breathe except with difficulty

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Use of a single head gamma camera for SPECT scan was another constraint, as it can lead to uncomfortable imaging times for the old, or often dyspnoeic PE patients, limiting cooperation and compromising scan quality.
Infants become too dyspnoeic and tachypnoeic for coordinated breathing and feeding.
NT-proBNP and BNP levels are increasingly used in the evaluation of dyspnoeic patients with suspected HF.
001) severely dyspnoeic, orthopnoeic, and hyperpnoeic on the first day post- operation.
He was then a military conscript trainee and was initially seen at the medical centre reporting with a second episode of marked but transient dyspnoeic symptoms and rapid palpitations, which had occurred earlier during his field training lesson.
In the A&E department, the patient was found to be dyspnoeic, disoriented and agitated.
On day 11 he became dyspnoeic, with a large right-sided pleural effusion.
2]) was 100% throughout and the BiPAP was well tolerated, the patient appearing less anxious and dyspnoeic.
When a 'worse' experience is encountered, the benchmark is reset and subsequent dyspnoeic experiences are evaluated in light of the new standard.
A dyspnoea score ranging 0, normal, to 4, dyspnoeic on slightest exertion [25], was also recorded as well as the presence of local side-effects.
Appendix 1 Parameter Description of Patient Score Moves all extremities Activity Level voluntarily/on 2 command Moves 2 Extremities 1 Cannot move Extremities 0 Respirations Breathes Deeply and 2 coughs freely Is Dyspnoeic, with shallow, 1 limited breathing Is apnoeic 0 Circulation Is 20 mmHg > 2 (Blood Pressure) Preanaesthetic level Is 20 to 50 mmHg > 1 Preanaesthetic level Is 50 mmHg > 0 Preanaesthetic level Consciousness Is fully awake 2 Is arousable on calling 1 Is not responding 0 Oxygen saturation Has level >90% when 2 as determined by breathing room air pulse oximetry Requires supplemental oxygen 1 to maintain level >90% Has Level <90% with oxygen 0 supplementation
Use of cut-off values of BNP (less than 100pg/ml) and NT-proBNP (less than 300pg/ml) has been recommended to discard the possibility of heart failure in patients who developed acute dyspnoeic episodes.
On examination she was a young girl of short stature with anasarca, dyspnoeic, unable to lie flat, with a pulse of 90/min, BP-130/90 mmHg with no postural drop, respiratory rate of 26/min, JVP was not raised, afebrile, mildly pale, pedal edema till mid calf and weighed 25 kilograms.
All COPD patients who are dyspnoeic, regardless of their measured [FEV.
He usually became dyspnoeic on walking about 200 m.