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Synonyms for dyspneic

not breathing or able to breathe except with difficulty

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During anesthetic recovery, the duck became severely dyspneic after tracheal extubation despite ventilation with oxygen at 3L/ min via the air sac cannula.
On presentation, the patient was tachycardic (heart rate 148) and appeared to be dyspneic (respiratory rate 28) with cyanosis of the oral mucous membranes and had a capillary refill time of 3 seconds.
Three radiographic projections (laterolateral right (RLL), laterolateral left (LLL) and ventrodorsal (VD) were performed, except in dyspneic animals in which only dorsoventral positioning was performed.
Two days before the planned surgery, patient at night became acutely dyspneic and with a diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, he was ventilated and prepared for surgery in the morning in a very high risk state.
The clinical significance of fibrosis in dyspneic cigarette smokers is controversial.
The patient was severely dyspneic when admitted to the hospital, and intravenous furosemide (Lasix[R]) was administered.
Does This Dyspneic Patient in the Emergency Department Have Congestive Heart Failure?
1,2) Dyspnea is common in patients with advanced ALS; patients become dyspneic as a result of a progressive weakening of their respiratory muscles.
More dyspneic patients are more likely to suffer from psychological comorbidities like depression and anxiety.
1) Deaths due to asthma have been classified into those either following a prolonged slow-onset attack or following an acute, sudden on set attack as defined by death within one to two hours of the onset of the dyspneic episode.
They explain triage and assessment; monitoring the patient; vascular access; shock and intravenous fluid therapy; blood gas, acid-base analysis, and electrolyte abnormalities; analgesia and anesthesia; practical laboratory techniques; techniques for oxygen supplementation; nursing dyspneic, cardiac, acute abdomen, urinary tract, poisoned, trauma, ophthalmology, and reproductive conditions; small animal critical care and hospital nutrition; cardiopulmonary arrest and resuscitation; and nursing considerations.
grade B had relatively normal lung function and no exacerbations, but yet they're severely dyspneic," she noted.
Physical examination revealed that she was dyspneic and tachypneic (respiratory rate was 25/min).