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abnormal depression and discontent

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6 A study suggests that most children with gender dysphoria will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty.
Thus, while men and women did not differ, dysphorics provided more general responses than non-dysphorics on positive cues.
Contrary to prediction, dysphorics did not show a response latency bias when compared to controls.
In addition, cognitive influences such as pessimistic or negative self-referential thoughts appear to be directly linked to the onset and maintenance of depressive and dysphoric (mild depressive) symptoms (Williams, 1996).
It was anticipated (hypothesis 1) that a participant's dysphoric status (dysphoric v non-dysphoric \ control) would influence response latency to cue words with controls being quicker to access AMs than dysphoric participants.
Gender dysphorics vary widely in their frequency of transgender behavior.
Gender dysphorics present to large numbers of others, but not necessarily to anyone and everyone.
So, the gender dysphoric differs from the transsexual and the transvestite, yet shows significant similarities.
Does the gender dysphoric patient reject reality in
contrast to the gender dysphoric person, the transsexual is aware that
world and reality for another group of gender dysphoric patients, as if