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abnormal depression and discontent

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In the penumbra of dysphoria, the other may appear as the 'shade of a shadow'--it is Aeschylus speaking here.
People like Kellie who have gender dysphoria feel a mismatch between their assigned or birth gender and their desired gender.
Specialist treatment is available and, in the UK, there are centres that specialise in the assessment and treatment of gender dysphoria.
In half of the subjects, the drug did not increase nervousness and paranoia after cocaine ingestion, which could be attributed to differences in levels of dopamine [beta]-hydroxylase (D[beta]H), the target of disulfiram: Low endogenous levels of D[beta]H should predict the cocaine-induced dysphoria that is linked to treatment response.
Geodon is nor associated with dysphoria, a common side effect of typical antipsychotics, and does not pose a risk of dependence, an issue with intramuscular benzodiazepines, he added.
One of the greatest agonies one can experience is gender dysphoria," says transgender activist Jessica Xavier.
Possible adverse effects are numerous, and may include nausea, vomiting, constipation, sedation, convulsions, respiratory depression, dysphoria, urinary retention, rash, hives, pruritus, bradycardia, and hypotension.
Kramer sums it up for many when he concludes that states such as dysphoria have always been among us, with those suffering from them grinning and bearing in silence.
The most common adverse reactions of ZUTRIPRO([TM]) Oral Solution are CNS and cardiovascular reactions including the following: Sedation, somnolence, mental clouding, lethargy, impairment of mental and physical performance, anxiety, fear, dysphoria, dizziness, psychic dependence, mood changes, nervousness, or sleeplessness; blurred, double, or other visual disturbances; confusion, headache, euphoria, facial dyskinesia, feeling faint, lightheadedness, agitation, restlessness, insomnia, irritability, or tremor.
The American Civil Liberties Union, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and civil rights attorney Mary Lou Boelcke filed the challenge on behalf of Denee Mallon, "a transgender woman whose doctors have recommended surgery to alleviate her severe gender dysphoria," according to a statement.
It was only in 2005 while researching on the internet that Hinoi realised she had gender dysphoria - a condition in which a person feels that there is a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity.
His parents allowed him to see a doctor at the age of 15, and he was diagnosed with gender dysphoria in 1999 and began taking female hormones.
A psychiatrist diagnosed Kirsty, of Crawley, Sussex, with gender dysphoria.
A 10-year-old Midland boy with a condition known as gender dysphoria has started the new school year dressed as a girl.