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speech disorder attributable to a disorder of phonation

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During the procedure, she became increasingly dysphonic.
On initial examination, the patient's vital signs were stable and no stridor or respiratory distress was evident, but she was dysphonic and unable to swallow her saliva.
Correlation between voice handicap index and voice laboratory measurements in dysphonic patients.
The design of this questionnaire is to gain a simple and easy screening tool for determining the women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome from premenstrual syndrome dysphonic disorder.
An electrolaryngographic study of dysphonic Portuguese speakers [PhD Dissertation], London, UK: University of London (University College London); 2002.
On initial examination, the patient exhibited a breathy, severely dysphonic voice.
Even in dysphonic patients with webs, other causes should be sought, and one should not assume that the web is responsible for the voice complaints.