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The criteria for dysmenorrheic women are that clinical history of cramp like pain for past 3 Months, diagnosed by a gynaecologist.
468 Table 2: Frequency Distribution of PA and Adiposity Levels, and Dysmenorrheic Characteristics of Participants With PD (n = 1181) Frequency (%) PA: < 1 hour/day 455 (38.
Studies employing retrospective questionnaires have found that dysmenorrheic (D) women report cyclical changes in psychological symptoms such as irritability, difficulty concentrating, crying spells, anxiety and depression (Alonso & Coe, 2001; Granot et al.
Overall, 41 patients were taken off the surgery list and reported reduced dysmenorrheic symptoms.
Overall, 41 of the patients were removed from the surgery list, and they reported reduced dysmenorrheic symptoms.
The results of our work provide the foundation for moving forward with a once-a-day dosing regimen in dysmenorrheic patients.
Physician consultation must be promoted for dysmenorrheic women.